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The amount of sport-clubs in Kyiv continuously increases. And that can't surprise - more and more people want to have perfect body and posess high level of stamina. Nowdays it's out of fashion to ignore sport. Healthy-looking person is more acceptable for others in every areas of human activity: business, art, politics etc.

Choice of gym is of a great importance for person who decided to pay more attention and devote free time to achieving his or her physical perfection. While visiting gym regularly person begin to feel itself at home, making new contacts and maybe - new friends. Personal trainer becomes kind of older brother: you can always look for advice and just even speak with him about different topics. That's why proffesional trainer must be not only a professional who knows much about excersises, he must know elements of phsycology.

If you have decided to form your "physical image", you should make a visit to sport complex "Cyber Gym". It is not only a place for becoming a sport looking person but kind of "temple" for men and women who want to have a perfect body and soul. Spacious, full of fresh air gym of "Cyber Gym" sport complex is the right place if want to get more quality for less money. Only here the best-skilled personal trainers are at your service.

We'd like to pay more attention to sessions with our personal trainers. Personal trainer is a necessity if you want to get more achievements in gaining the aim of perfect body. Only personal trainer is the one who can guide you to the tops of bodubuilding and fitness. Personal trainer can also help you to avoid the risk of work with heavy weights, improve your technique.

Bodybuilding exercises are very popular among women, they allow to reach the so-called "problem zones" : thighs, waist, buttocks. For women we include in our courses also stretching excercises for improving flexibility of the body.

After hard work in gym you can visit sauna & sunbathing; massage is also at your service. Your want to have your obligatory cocktail after workout? No problem, in our protein bar you can drink protein cocktails or glass of juice. Make your decision now and wellcome to our small but wonderful world!

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